Sorrel Medical: Patient-Centric Wearable Drug Delivery

Sorrel Medical’s wearable drug delivery platform provides a patient-centric and partner-focused solution designed for the simple and efficient, subcutaneous administration of large volume and high viscosity medications.

Intuitive and easy to use, Sorrel’s wearable devices are pre-filled and pre-loaded, enhancing the user experience and encouraging adherence to treatment therapies while reducing the risk of medication errors.

With the ability to connect via both Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC), the Sorrel platform allows patients to share treatment information with caregivers, healthcare providers, and other necessary stakeholders. Caregivers can therefore monitor patients outside of hospital settings, ensuring that they are keeping to their therapy routines without disrupting their daily lives.

Utilizing a variety of smart sensors to guarantee successful, self-administration and first-of-its-kind UV LED technology to provide disinfection at point-of-care —the Sorrel platform addresses a longstanding challenge in pre-filled drug delivery devices.

Ensuring accurate and controlled drug delivery – the Sorrel platform is both reliable and effective, allowing you to deliver more, your way.

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