Aptar Group Releases COVID-19 Update for its Customers and Partners


Aptar Group has released the following letter from its President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephan B Tanda,  to provide a COVID-19 update for its customers and partners:

Dear Aptar Customers and Partners,

Aptar is committed to providing you with the best products and services, while also focusing on the health and safety of our people. We are closely monitoring the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and
while the virus presents many challenges, we want you to know that we are taking steps to minimise risks to our people, our facilities and our partnership with you.

I would like to inform you of the measures Aptar is taking in regards to the evolving coronavirus pandemic in order to continue to support our customers to the best of our ability during this time:

  • We have implemented a Global COVID-19 Action Team who is meeting daily to identify and mitigate potential risks as much as possible. This Action Team has implemented a COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan, which was prepared by our Environment, Health and Safety team.
  • We are closely monitoring our entire supply chain up to the Tier-1 level, including direct materials, components and spare parts.
  • We are also taking steps to protect our production teams, so that we can continue our important work including manufacturing products that are very much needed to help fight the spreading of the virus, such as pumps and closures for sanitising and antibacterial products, as well as the manufacturing of our pharma solutions that can help to save lives and our food and beverage solutions that are helping people with basic nutrition needs.
  • To protect our site production teams, we are restricting all visitors to only those essential for business continuity. We are restricting access to our canteens and cafeterias to our production teams only and encourage everyone to practice good hygiene and social distancing. We are also asking our cleaning service providers to escalate their cleaning and sanitising procedures.
  • Currently, our local site HR departments, in combination with the site leadership teams, are preparing plans to have a proper balance of remote workers and on-site staff in order to support our customers and our ongoing production.
  • Should any risks arise which may affect your business, we will inform you and work to find alternative supply solutions.

At this time, and to the best of our knowledge, we have not identified any risks in the short-term with any of our Tier-1 partners. We are working to push our analysis further upstream and continue to monitor the evolution of the situation.

We are committed to taking all necessary measures to maintain the continuity of business and we will reach out to you should there be any known impact.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Aptar representative.


Stephan B Tanda
Aptar President and CEO

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