Issue No #19  May 1st, 2010

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Introduction: Protein Pharmaceuticals: Recent Achievements and Trends for Formulation and Delivery
Henrik L Luessen, Tytonis BV, and Gerrit Borchard, University of Geneva
Lipid Liquid Crystals for Parenteral Sustained-Release Applications: Combining Ease of Use and Manufacturing with Consistent Drug Release Control
Fredrik Tiberg, PhD, Prof, President & CEO, and Fredrik Joabsson, PhD, Director, Drug Delivery Systems and Technical Business Development
Camurus AB
Company profile
Nanomi BV
Intrathecal Delivery of Protein Therapeutics to Treat Genetic Diseases Involving the CNS
Zahra Shahrokh, PhD, Senior Director, Pharmaceutical and Analytical Development, Perry Calias, PhD, Senior Director, Nonclinical Development, and Lawrence Charnas, MD, PhD, Medical Director
Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc
Dendrimers Enhance Delivery of Small-Molecule and Biological Drugs: Control Solubility, Half-Life, Toxicity and Targeting
David Owen, PhD, VP Research, and Paul Barrett, PhD, VP Business Development
Starpharma Holdings Limited
Contrasolâ„¢: Novel Nanotechnology for the Enhanced Development of Intravenous Formulations
Alison Foster, PhD, Laboratory Director
IOTA NanoSolutions, Ltd