Issue No #24  April 1st, 2011

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Bringing the Patient’s Voice to Nasal Drug Delivery
Louise Righton, Global Market Development Manager
3M Health Care Limited
HDA – A New Pulmonary Drug Delivery Platform Can Provide for More Efficient and Safer Delivery
Mr Peter Boonen, Managing Director
Stirling Products Limited
SUPRAER: A New Class of Aerosol Delivery System for Biotherapeutics
Dr Donovan B Yeates, Chief Executive Officer
KAER Biotherapeutics
The Last Word in Assembly Solutions Just Got Even Better
Jean-François Bauer, Head of Marketing & Business Development
Mikron Automation
Pulmonary Drug Delivery – Simplified
Dr Andrea Leone-Bay, Vice-President, Pharmaceutical Development
Mr Chad Smutney, Senior Director, Device Technology
Mr Joseph Kocinsky, Senior Vice-President, Pharmaceutical Technology Development
MannKind Corporation
Laser Diffraction and Automated Imaging: Complementary Techniques for Dry-Powder Inhaler Development
Dr Paul Kippax, Product Group Manager, Micrometrics
Malvern Instruments Ltd
Versatility of the KHFA pMDI Valve
Mr Sergio Monti, V.A.R.I. SpA
Prof Glyn Taylor, i2c Pharmaceutical Services
Mr David Howlett, PharmaDelivery Solutions Ltd
V.A.R.I. SpA
Novel Advances in Rapid Manufacturing, Deployment, and Delivery of Intranasally Administered Drugs and Biologics
Mr Timothy Sullivan, President & Chief Executive Officer
Mystic Pharmaceuticals, Inc