Prefilled Syringes

Issue No #47  February 15th, 2014

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Oval’s Auto-Injector Platform for the Delivery of High-Viscosity Drugs
Mrs Louisa Harvey, Director, Harvey Medical, Consultant to Oval Medical
& Ms Susanna White, Mechanical Engineer
Oval Medical Technologies Ltd
Company Profile
Innovative Injectable Drug Delivery Systems
Dr Thomas Jakob, Director Business Unit Moulding, Pharma Solutions
Raumedic AG
PART II of II: Improved Parenteral Containers Through Plasma Deposition of High Purity Glass
Dr Shawn Kinney, Consultant to SiO2
Dr Christopher Weikart, Director of R&D
& Mr Peter Sagona, Vice-President & Secretary
SiO2 Medical Products
Pharmacy IV Automation: a Mature, Proven Technology
Dr Niels Erik Hansen, President & Chief Executive Officer
Intelligent Hospital Systems
Today’s Toolmaker: from Mould Manufacturer to Full-Service Solution Provider
Mr Jan-Willem den Hollander, Business Development Manager
IGS GeboJagema
Enhancing Prefillable Syringe Component Quality . by Design
Mr Tibor Hlobik, Global Director, Marketing, PFS Technologies
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc