Luigi G Martini is Professor of Pharmaceutical Innovation at King’s College London and CEO of Rainbow Medical Engineering, a specialist ultrasonic welding company. Professor Martini is the UK’s first, and only, Industrial Pharmacist teaching practitioner providing an important link between industry and academia.

His research interests cover the areas of personalised medicine, drug delivery and medical device engineering, where he advises a number of spin-out organisations and regulatory agencies in Europe and in the Middle East. Prior to joining King’s, Martini was Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Development for Emerging Markets at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) where he was responsible for developing affordable medicines for the BRIC economies. At GSK, he implemented the development of the DiffCORE technology which was used for the Lamictal XR once a day product. Martini is a Pharmacist and received his PhD in Drug Delivery from the University of Manchester, his MBA with distinction from the University of Liverpool, specialising in SME business failures and success. Professor Martini was made visiting Professor at John Moores University of Liverpool in 2006 and designated a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 2008.