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Kahle Automation designs, builds and implements automation systems for medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare device companies, including drug delivery device companies. Applications include needle assembly, syringe assembly, tubing assembly, glass syringe assembly, safety device assembly.

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Kala Pharmaceuticals develops a pipeline of ocular products using its MPP technology which enhances penetration through the tear film mucus. Beyond ophthalmology, it has potential applications include women’s reproductive health, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

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Kallik is a global provider of labelling and artwork management solutions for regulated markets such as the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics and chemicals industries. Kallik was established in 2001 based on its flagship labelling content management and automated artwork generation platform.

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Kedalion Therapeutics, a venture-backed, clinical-stage ophthalmic drug delivery company, is developing the AcuStream technology. The device's horizontal stream delivers topical ocular drugs precisely and accurately, aiming to reduce required dose by 80% compared with standard drops.

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Key Tech designs and develops medical, industrial and consumer products using novel sensors, wireless, ultrasound, microfluidics, optics and robotics. Its experience within drug delivery includes with injection devices and connectivity. It has an interdisciplinary team of  scientists, engineers and designers.

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King's College London is one of the top 25 universities in the world. Its Drug Delivery Research Group undertakes R&D in pharmaceutical technology and applies scientific principles both in the formulation of medicines and in the development and use of predictive models of drug absorption. 

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Li-Chun Tsou, PhD, MBA
Principal Engineer
Merck & Co

Your website and publication is a great asset for me. I’d recommend your publication to my colleagues. I am sure that we will gain knowledge and update information through your timely report. Thanks for making it available.

Dr Cristian Vilos

I‘m working on the development of microparticles for the release of veterinary antibiotics, and polymeric nanoparticles for siRNA and chemotherapeutic delivery. ONdrugDelivery has been a very usefull platform to connect the scientific research, and marketed drug development.

Matt Kempton user photo
Matt Kempton
Snr Project Engineer
Corning Incorporated

I am extremely impressed with the comprehensive presentation of information and problem/solution points detailed ... Kudos to you for an extremely well written article with succinct and robust scientific body of knowledge.

Donna Bibber
Micro Engineering Solutions

I picked up your latest copy at the Boston PODD event and read it with great interest. You’ve really come a long way and you put out an amazingly professional and value-packed magazine.