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SPI Pharma is a pharmaceutical formulation technology provider, with a product range that includes antacid actives, excipients, taste-masking technology, drug delivery systems for tablets, fast-dissolve technologies, and other systems. SPI serves clients in over 55 countries.

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SPI Pharma Inc
503 Carr Road
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DE 19809
United States

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T: +1 302 576 8575


SPI Pharma serves more than 55 countries in the manufacture and marketing of excipients, drug delivery systems for tablets and powders, taste-masked actives, antacid actives, and vaccine adjuvants. It also specialises in drug development services, having participated in over 60 commercially launched and marketed drugs globally.

Owned by Associated British Foods plc (LSE:ABF), SPI Pharma employs more than 300 people globally .

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