Citation: Merhige J, “Company Profile: Credence Medsystems”. ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 67 (May 2016), p19.

Innovation Without Change simplifies the commercialisation path for drug manufacturers while introducing critical innovation in the end device. The modular approach gives drug manufacturers the freedom to select existing syringe barrel, stopper and cap primary package components from preferred vendors, mitigating much of the development, regulatory and supply chain risk associated with combination product development.

The Companion needle and plunger rod are incorporated with the syringe barrel to provide a differentiated delivery device. Upon completion of the injection, the user receives audible, visual and tactile cues that the dose has been delivered and then the needle automatically retracts into the barrel of the syringe, rendering the syringe needle-free and preventing re-use (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Needle automatically retracts, rendering the device needle-free, preventing re-use.

Credence shifts the paradigm for drug-delivery device development.


Companion Staked Needle Syringe

When a pre-attached needle is preferred, the Companion Staked Needle Syringe allows the use of existing drug container components and provides integrated automatic needle retraction and reuse prevention.

Companion Dual Chamber Reconstitution Safety Syringe

The Dual Chamber Reconstitution Safety Syringe offers a pre-attached needle, the use of an existing syringe barrel and closure components, single-step reconstitution and injection, along with the Companion’s passive needle safety and reuse prevention.

Companion Luer Syringe

Applications that require needle-choice flexibility or reconstitution call for the user to attach the needle. The Guide-On Needle Cover promotes a proper needle attachment and the Companion Luer Syringe provides the passive safety.