Citation: “Company Profile: Phillips-Medisize”. ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 55 (Feb 2015), p 32.

Phillips-Medisize is a global-leader in outsource design, development and technology-driven manufacturing. With unparalleled experience in advanced moulding and assembly, Phillips-Medisize has become a dominant force in the medical device and diagnostics, drug delivery, primary pharmaceutical packaging, and commercial markets.

The company has annual sales of nearly US$600 million (£400 million) with 80% of the total revenue coming from drug delivery, medical device and diagnostic products, such as: disposable insulin pens, glucose meters, speciality inhalation drug delivery devices, single-use surgical devices and consumable diagnostic components.

“We have developed a demonstrated ability to integrate advanced moulding, automated assembly, and quality control systems into the product design and the manufacturing process…”

Phillips-Medisize Corporation features a list of blue chip medical device, pharmaceutical and commercial customers. The company partners with its customers to provide design and development services, which accelerate speed to market of innovative products and then work with its customers to deploy advanced automated assembly and quality control technologies, which reduce manufacturing cost while improving quality.

Phillips-Medisize Corporation is headquartered in Hudson, WI and employs over 3,200 people in 14 locations throughout the United States, Europe, Mexico and China. The company also has design centres in Wisconsin and California, US, and in The Netherlands.

In a recent interview in Medical Plastics News (Issue 21, November / December 2014), company Chief Executive Officer Matt Jennings said that Phillips-Medisize was the perfect outsourcing partner because of its “ability to understand the nexus of part design, manufacturing requirements and automation capabilities. We have developed a demonstrated ability to integrate advanced moulding, automated assembly, and quality control systems into the product design and the manufacturing process, which often delivers innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions for our customers. We partner closely with our customers to make their innovative designs come to market with the highest regard for safety, scalability and protecting their intellectual property and designs. We believe that the integrity of our people and processes helps bring our clients’ innovation, ideas, and products to market while adding to our expertise.”

Jennings also provided a brief history of some of the company’s highlights and milestones in the interview, saying: “50 years ago the company began as the vision of its founders in northern Wisconsin. Through the years, the company expanded into the medical device space. With the expansion into medical device, we’ve become a true leader in drug delivery, working with the top biopharmaceutical companies in the world, manufacturing auto-injectors, pen devices and diagnostics across a variety of indications for global markets.

“In April 2014, we commenced full-scale production of the first drug delivery injector pen from our new Suzhou, China facility … We have also completed a significant plant expansions at our facilities in Finland, as well as, our metal injection moulding (MIM) facility and plan another expansion to the MIM facility next year. This is in addition to expanding our New Richmond, US, facility. These opportunities have all been made possible by new business awards from our customer base. In May we achieved the president’s “E” Award for exports which is the highest recognition any US entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of US exports.

“Phillips-Medisize currently focuses on three business segments in the medical space; diagnostic devices, drug delivery systems and single-use medical devices … through innovative design and manufacturing for a variety of products that include insulin pumps, pens and autoinjectors for both branded and generic products. With the advent of new therapeutics and biosimilars we are excited about new customers and opportunities to expand our business, and our customers’ success, into helping a greater number of patients who are in need.”