Elcam Medical facilities Recognised by local authorities as essential, enabling continuation of production


Elcam Medical’s statement to customers:

Elcam continues to take all needed measures to keep the health of our co-workers while continue to operate at full capacity by implementing major changes to our work routine according to the instruction of the health authorities in our countries of operations .

Following is the latest update on Elcam continuity actions :

  • All Elcam facilities have been recognised by the local authorities as an essential facility to enable the continuity of production. (See statement by the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry)
  • Production staff where divided to teams and shifts with no contact between them
  • All employees who are not required at the facilities are working from home while having a routine coordination meetings on video
  • Access to our facilities was limited to essential needs only such as logistics
  • Meetings with visitors were postponed
  • In order to minimise the disturbance to air deliveries, following the vast reduction of flights, we are contacting all relevant customers to anticipate shipments and move them to sea

Currently we do not foresee any disruption to our operation.

We will continue monitoring the situation and will immediately update you as new information becomes available.

Link to Press Release.