Citation: Duband S, “Product Review – Safe’n’Sound® & Safelia®“. ONdrugDelivery Magazine, Issue 86 (May 2018), pp 57-58.

Séverine Duband provides a rundown of the features of Nemera’s injectable device offering, the Safe’n’Sound® single-use safety device and the Safelia® two-step autoinjector.


Figure 1: Nemera’s Safe’n’Sound® single-use safety system.

Safe’n’Sound® (Figure 1) is a single-use safety device to protect patients and healthcare professionals from accidental needlestick injuries. It is activated passively with one hand, suitable for low fill-volumes and higher viscosity formulations, robust against shocks and vibrations and compatible with all scales of assembly line, from manual to fully automated.

It is also compatible with both prefilled ISO standard glass syringes and PLAJEX plastic syringes, fitting 1 mL “long” and 2.25 mL long staked syringes with a maximum needle length of half an inch (12.7 mm).

Ergonomically designed, Safe’n’Sound® is intended for treatment-naive users, experienced users and healthcare professionals alike. It features a large thumb-pad for ease of use, clear visibility of the tip for easy inspection of the drug and a rounded shape for increased labelling surface.

Safe’n’Sound® is a highly customisable platform, able to respond to pharma and user needs. There are, for example, the options of an extended finger flange, coloured plunger rod, a “soft touch” thumb-pad and a one-handed, subcutaneous rigid needle shield (RNS) removal feature.


Nemera’s two-step autoinjector, Safelia® (Figure 2), has been designed to respond to challenges posed by new formulations, while taking patient needs into consideration. A platform for 1 mL or 2.25 mL prefilled syringes, Safelia® features:

Figure 2: Nemera’s Safelia® two-step autoinjector.

  • A patented cam-based mechanism for delivering more viscous formulations through thinner needles.
  • A disconnected needle insertion and injection system so that the right dose can be delivered at the right depth.
  • Reduced risk of glass breakage due to forces being transmitted onto the syringe shoulder instead of the flange and reduced shock force and stress (thanks to a reduced needle insertion speed and increased needle deceleration distance).
  • A tailored needle insertion and injection speed for each formulation.
  • The ability to slow down the beginning and end of an injection.
  • A hidden needle for increased safety.
  • A simple two-step injection process for ease of use (Figure 3).

Figure 3: The two steps of using Safelia®.


Parenteral drug administration exposes patients and healthcare professionals to many hazards. To ensure adherence and users’ safety, reliable and easy-to-use devices are needed. With decades of experience in developing and manufacturing some of the most complex and innovative parenteral drug delivery solutions, Nemera is the ideal partner for a successful product launch.