Citation: Fan J, “Technology Showcase: CCBio’s QuickDose”. ONdrugDelivery, Issue 111 (September 2020), pp 14–15.

Figure 1: The QuickDose wearable injector from CCBio, ready to use (left) and affixed to the body (in profile, right).

CCBio is introducing a new era of wearable on-body medical devices. QuickDose (Figure 1), recently successfully developed with both patients and pharmaceutical industry partners in mind, contains all the necessary elements for an excellent on-body device, comprising three major technical achievements:

  • Container
  • Needle Set
  • Delivery Unit.

The Container (Figure 2a) is extremely flexible, can be configured for dose volumes from 5 mL to 250 mL, and uses a soft and comfortable polymer mini-bag system. It provides users with many different options for customisation.

“With QuickDose, in addition to the treatment experience
being more acceptable and patient friendly, the cost of therapy
also becomes more acceptable and patient friendly too.”

The Needle Set (Figure 2b) is easy to use, maximising patient convenience and comfort by penetrating the skin with both a steel and a soft needle simultaneously, then gently retracting the steel needle once the soft needle is in place. The Needle Set’s well-tuned mechanism reduces the pain experienced by the user.

The Delivery Unit (Figure 2c) is the “jewel in the crown” of QuickDose. It incorporates various advanced technologies, including options for WiFi, near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth connectivity, an LED display, fully-customisable programmability, a powerful server motor and a lithium battery.

Figure 2: QuickDose comprises three elements: the Container, three dose volumes shown (A); Needle Set (B); and Delivery Unit (C).

The Delivery Unit is capable of handling variable dose volumes and concentrations, different drug viscosities and different injection speeds and times. Its smart program functionality can help patients take control of their treatment, making their daily life easier and more comfortable, and reducing the need for hospital visits and involvement of healthcare providers.

Figure 3: The Container, Needle Set and Delivery Unit fit together to form the complete the device.

The three elements fit together as shown in Figure 3.

Moreover, with QuickDose, in addition to the treatment experience being more acceptable and patient friendly, the cost of therapy also becomes more acceptable and patient friendly too.

The meaning of CCBio’s slogan “Consistently Care By Innovation” is to provide high-quality yet affordable medical devices through rapid innovation within our design and R&D teams. We continue our philosophy of consistent care with our robust manufacturing processes, never compromising on product quality. The result is that we offer medical devices of the highest quality that truly meet patient needs. CCBio is an experienced, skilled and well-established medical device designer and manufacturer based in Taiwan, with all the core competencies and capabilities required to offer combination products, medical devices and medical containers to pharma partners and, ultimately, patients. These core competencies include tooling, moulding, assembly, testing, verification, validation, R&D and regulatory affairs and pharmaceutical testing. Crucially, these capabilities are all in-house, meaning customers benefit from a one-stop solution to save valuable time and reduce costs, making CCBio designs and products highly competitive and price accessible.