Fred Metzmann holds a PhD in Polymer Chemistry and has more than 25 years of expertise in the medtech sector, notably within drug delivery devices. He has cultivated a deep understanding of the medical device market through various leadership positions, in sales, marketing and product management, including at Haselmeier. In his current role as Chief Business Officer of Roncadelle Operations, Dr Metzmann is responsible for the market launch and growth of passive safety syringes, as well as innovative needle protection systems for PFSs and cartridges.

His publications, notably those concerning injection pen systems, underscore his ongoing commitment to propelling advancements in the drug delivery devices technology. Combining in-depth technical expertise with pragmatic market knowledge, Dr Metzmann has become a valued expert on injection devices. In the ever-changing healthcare industry, he advocates advanced safety strategies for injection devices, underscoring his deep commitment to protecting healthcare workers from infection.

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