Kate Hudson-Farmer is a Director of Front-End Innovation at Phillips-Medisize. She has been with the company for over five years, focusing on bringing drug delivery devices from initial design through to market, meeting the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, stakeholders and patients. In addition, Dr Hudson-Farmer has a significant role in developing new concepts and platform products in drug delivery and connected health areas. She currently leads market and sales activities for the Aria autoinjector platform, including market analysis, competitive positioning and strategy, user studies, design direction, business development and customer relationship management.

Dr Hudson-Farmer started her career as a research scientist in the UK following a PhD in molecular biology and medical microbiology. She transitioned to a technology transfer and business development position at a leading university, managing numerous pharma and biotech licensing deals, public/private partnerships and spin-out company formations with one of the largest bioincubators in the UK, in addition to gaining an MBA. Following this, and before Phillips-Medisize, she worked for over 10 years as a senior consultant in strategic and product consulting, covering due diligence and mergers and acquisitions for pharma and medical devices, with a focus on drug delivery, diagnostics and surgical devices.

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