Richard Gray, MA (Cantab), is Commercial Director of Blacktrace Inc – the US office for the UK-based Blacktrace Group, which includes the Dolomite Bio and Dolomite Microfluidics brands. An engineer by training, his career started with five years working on advanced helicopter design at Westland Helicopters. Mr Gray transitioned to a wider range of technologies, including technical product development at PA Consulting (London, UK) and The Technology Partnership (Melbourn, UK), and worked on automated small molecule drug synthesis systems at Mettler Toledo (OH, US) before starting at Blacktrace in 2001. He is one of the two co-founders of Blacktrace, which was established 20 years ago to commercialise microfluidic technology for a wide range of scientific applications. Mr Gray’s current activity is focused on using microfluidics for automated particle and nanoparticle generation.