Pharma Latch

Pharma Latch is developing a platform microneedle technology of the same name, centred around opposing arrays of angled microneedles that can penetrate the outer layers of the skin for consistent needle penetration without adhesive. It is suitable for the delivery of small molecules, vaccines and biologics.

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Latch Medical Limited
Belfield Innovation Park
University College Dublin

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T: +353 1 7163770
E: [email protected]


Pharma Latch is developing a unique portfolio of healthcare-professional and self-administration intradermal injection devices. The devices are based on a core platform technology, which utilises an array of opposing-angled microneedles that latch into the skin at a preset depth, ensuring consistent needle-depth penetration and dose delivery, every time.

Pharma Latch’s devices can deliver high volumes (>3 mL) and viscosities (>60 cP), and are simple to use, cost-efficient and highly scalable. The use of microneedles also overcomes issues surrounding needle-anxiety, significantly improving patient compliance.

The company is based within University College Dublin’s Belfield Innovation park, and is venture-funded. In 2019 Pharma Latch was awarded a large grant by the Irish government. In 2022, West Pharmaceutical Services made a minority investment in Latch Medical, joining the company’s existing investors, Atlantic Bridge and Enterprise Ireland.

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