ZAHORANSKY is a designer and supplier of machinery, production lines, injection moulds and automation equipment. ZAHORANSKY develops and manufactures a range of modular automation technologies, including for sterile primary packaging for pharmaceuticals.

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Zahoransky AG
ZAHORANSKY Automation & Molds GmbH
Bebelstraße 11a
79108 Freiburg

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T: +49 761 7675 104
F: +49 761 7675 142


ZAHORANSKY is a family-run production equipment company. The company developed the first brush, drill and tuft machine and has since grown to supply seven industrial sectors with injection moulding tools, automation solutions, packaging machines and tufting and trimming machines. In the drug delivery sector, ZAHORANSKY provides automated solutions for sealing primary containers.

The company’s primary offering in the drug delivery sector is its Z.BLIZZARD machine, which manufactures polymer prefillable syringes and can be coupled with other ZAHORANSKY-designed automation systems in a modular fashion.

The company employs over 800 people and is headquartered  in Freiburg (Germany) in the Black Forest. ZAHORANSKY was founded in Todtnau (Germany) in 1902.

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