Tom Oakley is co-founder and Director of Drug Delivery Device Development at Springboard, a leading medical device development company. His first degree was a Master of Engineering from Cambridge University, and he was later appointed the Choate Fellow in human physiology and pathology at the Harvard School of Public Health. Since 2001, he has focused on creating safety-critical designs for mass production and is named inventor on numerous medical device patents.

Since 2005, Tom has led scientific and engineering teams developing new technology in the areas of injection devices, infusion pumps, inhalers, cryogenic surgery, regenerative medicine and electronic blood lancing. Tom has delivered lectures and workshops on innovation at the Cambridge University Engineering Department, mentored MBA research projects at the Judge Business School, and been a speaker at various international conferences on innovation and medical device development such as Management Forum, SMi, Pure Insight, MEDTEC, and EphMRA.

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