Victrex is a supplier of high-performance polymers, focusing on the aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, manufacturing & engineering, and medical markets. Victrex PEEK and PAEK polymers have multiple applications in drug delivery, including for devices such as inhalers and wearable injectors.

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Victrex, PLC
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Hillhouse International
Thornton Cleveleys
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United Kingdom

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Victrex is a major supplier of high performance polymers, including polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and polyaryletherketone (PAEK), focusing on six core markets: aerospace; automotive; energy; electronics; manufacturing & engineering; and medical.

Victrex subsidiary Invibio™ Biomaterial Solutions was established in 2001 and is responsible for medical applications. Within the medical market, Victrex PEEK and PAEK polymers, like PEEK-CLASSIX™ medical grade, have multiple applications in drug delivery, including for manufacturing devices such as inhalers and wearable injectors, where they are supplied as raw thermopolymer stock, in forms (such as pipes, films,  fibres and tapes) and as component parts, such as wearable injector gears and inhaler mouthpieces. Victrex polymers have additional applications in implantable medical devices. For example, PEEK-OPTIMA is an alternative to metal medical implants.

Victrex has more than 800 employees, generates revenues of >£260 million, and serves >40 countries. Its roots are in the former UK chemical giant Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), which filed a patent for PEEK in 1978 and commercialised a family of VICTREX™ PEEK polymers from 1981. Victrex was founded in 1993 via a management buyout of ICI’s PEEK business, which was then floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1995, where its shares are still traded (LON:VCT).

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